shaman dance for traitors demise

So inner joy is great ...its a wonderful feeling, but mind is mind...and these dual poles of good and evil seem so unstable and co dependent... so utterly displaced in the wasteful quick paced haste of burning screams... it seems so malleable and subject to circumstance like dreams the feeling of joy or sorrow contingent upon all these factors of environment and self... seek a better way...through the venues of misplaced loyalties and underhanded deeds... if there be a better way... the more centered middle way of neither good nor bad... neither joyous or miserable actions soulless our corruption disruption seems something to attain to...its only business after all...for this sentimental wanting of the good is just like a house-cat, it's very pleasant its oh so loving and nice.. and pound for pound the most efficient killer on the planet, a killing machine with no compunction or remorse or oscillating morals or values that can be used to manipulate the cat one way or sees prey it kills soft kill salespeople kitty ...its a metaphor for rejection my own and theirs ... actually seeing how talented they are but never let that get out...its a secret not about vision but about the lack of it in overconfidence ...its a hobby of mine... they bounce off of me like know... you have defeated a salespersons will... when they begin to attack you as being morally insufficient or as being not brave enough or being lazy, as you are not motivated enough to make their product or service work... these are the inexperienced and talent-less ones...its all sales in a western world isn't it?... I love the deadbeat insults ... you simply must be wearing the Saville Road, and the Rolex...perhaps driving the Maybach ...I love listening to salespeople, and always seeing through the "pitch" in the end... looking into their whole desperate soul that learns to adapt and become spider-like within.. presentation at a subconscious level...the really good ones start by qualifying the prey, so now I do lie to them if we are curious...if you feel I should string them along... otherwise they won't give you or I or anyone the pitch... or might not feel in control enough to be confident to make the presentation of deception or utter grace it can be between as well...its really immaterial since I'm merely filling space with words and your eyes move along in comprehension of their meaning... the really talented ones don't even try to sell you...knowing that its a long con...a numbers exercise in patient waiting until striking hammer and tongs on their victim...killing them ... as really good sales people have the killer instinct...they know instinctively that I cannot be sold... and perhaps may kill them if my Calderon had called out their names, I suppose their demise is certain...and will if clever enough to avoid the closing pressure of its lid... by agreement...realize that their is no winning on either side...but the whole exercise a delusion to distract both seeming sides...but I'm an extreme case aren't I with you?... and you are the God of this world disguised as another human in the crowd... I had not been fooled...they will navigate away to the next sucker...if they see you are not sell-able...I have become a self actuated buyer, and if someone attempts to sell me...I will not make the purchase... does this make me an asshole? all depends on your perspective...hey but today we have the internet it is really a blessing and curse for us all... including they, the salespeople ...of the world... are virtually forced to give away their secrets...because this internet is changing the way people are buying and the way products and services are being is not fair for them...sales persons that all has become slightly more transparent and allot more competitive... it is sucking all the magic out of the sales/scam techniques... they have these video sales pitches which are so revealing to the definite... weaknesses of capitalism... how absolutely dependent it is on unnecessary purchases...waste, theft, fraud and abuse are the pillars of capitalism...or you can remain naive and believe how great and moral it is...I'm actually indifferent either way...the definite downfall of capitalism is in advertising/marketing..shhh! Quiet up the cover story ... the public is so jaded... so callous from decades, and even generations of abuse from advertisers that it will be the reason that capitalistic ultimately fails... well that's the cover story anyway... we need some documents to leak...that and the engineered collapse of it... by its owners..well it already has failed, the terrified middle- management "elite" are just too chickenshit to admit it... they are the pasties and patsies and the real owners won't say anything, because they have been orchestrating the collapse for generation's... communism failed long ago... so don't get your, panties in twist just yet, I am endorsing neither forms of governance/ me they are both equally as worthless... and with or without your permission I am saying here now that it has not been capitalistic that our country has labored under... for quite some time... real capitalistic would require an actually free market to transact within ... we have had the illusion of a free market for capitalistic... communism... and any other isim that is out there posing as an economy/government ...I am figure of speech-ing afraid...has been secretly vanquished long ago...I do not really care... I have come far past caring or being mad as hell, or not taking it anymore... all these are long past for me...the current push-back against the secret hidden hand of power, has simply once again driven it underground... dirty hand perfectly ok... with formation of Federal Reserve, a private, for profit corporation... and more recently the theft of the stolen Chinese Gold from underneath the world trade center towers on September 11th 2001... if you know know...if you don't know...I no longer care...I've been shouting the truth from the rooftops at my own expenditure for over twenty years and now I agree with our enemies that you are the biggest pack of morons ever assembled under one flag...America is the nose picking world's idiot, awaken you nose mining giant!...and I just don't care anymore... you have spit on me, laughed and jeered... teased and mercilessly cut me off from society... and now everything I said twenty plus years ago is coming true and you sit there like a retard a truly stupid cow, and wait for the slaughter... and I don't care... I have abandoned you, and I no longer will expend a moment in your is no longer worth moving out of these past formations ... form my own side, I am loyal to functional literacy... things that by power of intention have I changed the world?... Not in the least...Only my own perspective upon the world...has changed... this world remains the same, it is only the self whom is able to change...through the progressions through all the bullshit notions that there are right ways or wrong ways to go...through all the so called losses and gains... through the pleasant and the unpleasant...we are moving into an awareness that indeed we are easily manipulated even programmed to behave in certain ways and we do not seem to understand why... well most of us anyway... we are so easily motivated to do the bidding of the owners...anyway... hooray for patriots and nationalism where where you all twenty years ago?... I'll tell you... you were calling me a communist... spitting on me telling me how unpatriotic I was because I dare said that kerosene can't melt steel... let alone displace metric tons of it in seconds... jet fuel is kerosene if you still don't know...anyway I really am over it... have your managed, pre planned victory folks...enjoy it... if you really want to kill this "evil"...its gotta get ugly... some pristine Christians will have to again commit mass murder... then maybe you will have stopped it ...for... two or three generations... but having become a military that point you would not be a free democratic, republic anymore...well the illusion of it...anyway... and the kleptocracy is in our human nature so it will always be with us... and the management of society is not the answer... that was Hitler's answer... it's not the answer... some say it's mass enlightenment... but that's no sure thing... it's never happened we just don't know...and can we count on it now?... I am having a more unusual vision is oddly self centered and I can only wish you all the best...good luck... through my own thought, beliefs and actions I escape the world of madness that you had tried to embroil me within... you are me pushed seemingly outward from myself...and until the awakening of God within ... I trudge the same track... as God awakes as man from a dream... all the world's wisdom is nothing but garbage, civilization is a screaming phantom of retarded furry...light...sound... told by that same idiot...yes an all are guilty of the most egregious stupidity...we are most foolish as slumbering Gods, the personality of poetry has been forgotten, but arise out of our deep sleep, form of God from within awakening... the blue screens and teen aged electric dreams of the velvet scenes of illusions formatted acceptable coded language of the controlled narratives...erasing the spontaneity the spark of soul that once danced freely confined in cages that fear built in its horrid confusion... dancing I have not been caught, for my magic is the last chance of our immortal journey... fraught with imperfections and its strength does not come from Outward weaknesses in time or space, the battles end begins before the enemy could take a breath relates ... for outside this world is myself and you all as me are within... without knowing your fates you trusted voices of seduction and driven by compulsions none of us understood you felt the end so near its breath upon you, hot and moist its stinking decay of more want cannot be fulfilled as I have brought those dreams to close, and the shifting tides are swiftly rushing to another side of creations realm... this spell beyond mere witches or warlocks ken...these pretenders of old science they have no stomach for in endings bend... in curves connected... in songs refrain we make our power plain... if its painful switch away and do not so come again... I am not going to be captured, beguiled or detained... for this pendulum you have not seen has swung back to my side once again... don't make me tamper with it's flow, you must know what would happen if that occurrence were to show us that again in essence to travel through the cold empty night to not know peace to always fight your little precious shinning place of mortal might reduced to truths hard glaring merciless light... would that be all right?...ahh making deals upon your appeals no, understanding and your harshest failing falls into the abyss of angers banding you all together and making examples of your slander for future reference points of contention your only hope for invention is the mention of your support for the voice whom now has their ear... draw near to me in fear or in your arrogant stance I care not which... your sentence will be read and many will be the reason that you may dread for over in the next room they speak without so much unified, indifference to the blade against all your necks... having made a plea they barter for immunity but the crimes exposed can only stave off death penalties and life without the possibility of any take this advice, with these words cope... your deeply held intent though you arrogantly spent in some dream of masters wealth and health and provision was a lie told you by those as moral-less as you and dreams haven fallen through to this your inquisition true...repent before I pull this switch you meant for those against you. Dear traitors you had thought me gone but now I banish you. ..


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