one small step within

Oooh my the old grey mare, is plodding right along... my speech proceeding into my dominate intent without filter... could the glue factory be staved off another year? Could it be that my hoofs and bone, are my only worth, or can I know The true value that gives life to The structure my animating spark is riding within? The Subjective Appropriation Of The Objective desire, is the key...a description of the law in action...loosening up some vague idea that there is a pot of gold at the end of the imaginal rainbow...this test of want, enticement of sultry appeal to our own greed... Is what the leprechauns of social media try to sell us, and have enforced, dearly maintained a discount credibility that they purchase every prove their claims, of illusory happiness in excess material wealth though all their advertising medias that have a tiny disclaimer somewhere, are hinged upon your own egos performance... all through our history had shown again and again its is the ever-renewed, snake oil that is after all 75% grain alcohol...curing no ills, but causing in my automobile storage, I have shelves for superficial knowledge of a numbers game which through monetary collusion with criminals whom aspire to lofty goals of high class which I capitalize upon, by my own aspirations of egotistical seizing upon the demand created by the naive desperation of youngish people drowning in the celluloid lies that that the Hollywood ziegtgiest, of that me centered, total school yard thinking...of the old game of one up-man-ship which has sold them lock stock and barrel...the very dubious "intellectual property" that brightly dressed leprechauns of "personality" wish to peddle upon the uninitiated and inexperienced public, in the government approved and media conditioned, psychological format, with appropriate symbolic triggers that endear your slaves to you... and you to them... in sycophantic deception of complex social systems of human sacrifice as the mind control is powerful but not completely reliable as we well understand in this non physical circumstance that paints a picture of spiritual cannibalism that is too disgusting for many to contemplate... affluent paternal caregiver, or destitute paternal figure of failure...the disasters they seek to get you to believe in and buy wholly into are the same disasters our so called financial and governmental experts have always brought upon us...through the all their glorious knowledge, they seem unable to accomplish the purpose they were hired and empowered to do, who could be swayed by the warm bath that these crickets chirping everywhere seek to provide you, once out of the pleasant warm water, you always dry again in due time...can We become immune to sirens songs?... We are the giants... and they the crickets in our sight... though they have long practiced a deception that makes it appear reversed...they have always feared our mighty boots...they know that they cannot stop our flow of current and voltage, which their greedy fingers will contact in want and they being electrocuted ... find well deserved over-amplification of the now lifeless body of the ponzi scheme, laying smoking and splayed in grotesque posture of concern or loss to we the flowing high voltage current of real economy they seek to harness to their own ends....literally...the wretchedly insatiable planners of world domination, whom find themselves suddenly dominated, exploited... drained and discarded... a long held fear they know deep within their hearts is merely righteousness in action...merely balance being restored... only the earned turnabout ... it was their own pride that refused to acknowledge as due justice the execution of the truly guilty...this is our justice doled out without malice or contempt... and it will not be denied, for I have seen it in my vision and that vision will come to pass as they all have... I shall keep the next bit of data secret, a splinter in the psyche of the dragon... whom daily is reduced to a cartoon emoji, and we may keep it to be used as a reminder to those whom seek power over others... a future ancient fable to be read at the circles closing once again a psychic splinter that is already festering in infection... inside the minds of all of those whom thought they had joined the right club...whom somehow are the true suckers now at this point where the proverbial buck has stopped and been pushed back, though it may seem the reverse I can assure you the deep insecurity they feel growing daily is not some passing discomfort but the real stab of truths sword through their spiritual heart causing a death beyond mortality...the second death...the real death and real casting into outer darkness or the imprisonment into the pit, for torture and repayment...I am going through the furnaces just as you, right here on earth the dross is burned away from our fine value...for our own sake for our own benefit the glory comes upon us and this planet continues into eternity indefinitely... we only need discipline in the self to see and understand the law... the law that cannot be broken by any member of humanity, as this law operates within us, known or unknown, and always it boomerangs back upon the evil intent granting it... itself the maliciousness meant for another... They meant it for evil upon us and are dismayed it transformed into good... So don't fear, the high and mighty are falling upon one another the self proclaimed "elite"...for if their eye be evil, that evil comes back upon them with all the vengeance meant for their intended victim... the law is structured this way and deflates the alarmists importance as well...the alarmist merely realizing faithlessness can choose either way...the costumes and masks of the pretenders are always lost to them at the moment they need them most... so I do not become alarmed by any practiced petition of fear...there is no great catastrophe come to befall you but the one you hold dear to yourself harm to come upon you unless it be within you... this simple silent weapon, is the only one secretly employed by your own self ...against yourself... and no cabal of evil devil worshiping pedophiles bent on earths final destruction... are capable of dominance over you unless you allow it within yourself....if non physical possession is your aim then you shall be possessed by the belief you maintain in such vigorous emotion... life is not so simple as some organized group of so called elites conspiring to destroy the so called common man... it is a tempting assumption meant to separate you from your own responsibility... if there is some evil to conquer one is stopping you from conquering it... what's more true is that you seek kinship in agreement with why your life is not as you believe it should be... you seek a group of people to verify that the big evil conspiracy is why you are not successful in whatever it is you have failed was only you that see the success or failure...and all you see in the little boxes of illusions are merely contrived story's whom can have no truth in their lifeless two dimensional world...and this three dimensional world's occurrences are far more self induced than the irresponsible wish to admit or believe... and I am not without my own duality my own I do not claim any superior perspective or authority...over anyone...nor am I blaming confused power mad people whom have only doomed themselves.... I merely watch over time, and begin to clearly recognize the trends, and patterns... the repeating forms of energetic expression unfolding before me... the unwavering vision I hold is not subject to even my own oscillation...for this doubt that I have felt in life is some agreement made in pre mortal temples of the non physical source that I am... this whole drama is pre scripted in mind, and I have tread the wine-press through eons of time, and my success and failure is all my own...our whole incarnated journey is made to serve the self before arrival... we are accomplishing our purpose in awareness or in ignorance, and either way accomplishments are this inner work, this inner sound to be attentive to... is our way, toward becoming the person, attaining the goal... or attracting the circumstance desired...we are spiritual beings having this physical experience which is made of the same substance as your dreams... consciousness... I am that I am, I was aware before this world was wrought by it...and still we are that... we have only forgotten for some purpose known only to your innermost secret self...that no "king of elites" or "illuminate leader" can ever see or know... I have seen them trembling and in their frantic remorse...wailing, gnashing their teeth... They burn in torment or they are cast out... and you are spared either judgement, or execution of sentence... you inherit the Kingdom of heaven which is already within you, already Christ is with you though heavy mind conditioning may have covered it with many layers of filthy garbage and stinking rags... I am far from any church of this world, and because I use words whom meanings have been twisted in your mind, you may not recognize that I am only you, merely pushed out from you and your fevered dreams will break if the power running through the device of your mind is turned up high enough to burn out the fever... your choices are not made for you... your freedom is not illusory the illusion of no freedom is a fevered dream, and the in-firmed need not be goaded into truth. We need not be superior or seem to be more or greater than another... it is our own beliefs that outweigh everything seemingly around us... so by that and this, all that is within you and chosen by you without any other mind pushing or pulling you, only you make any scene of any dream real...and so I make my own... I have taken a great dream upon me and have risen up through the many murky levels of negativity which always with us, there is no contrasting world of duality with it... without negativity I could not experience the rise into positive experience...and without remembering the negativity in seeming past I would not be aware that their is a greater realization beyond this positive world of fulfillment where an experience of living is not so unstable by its intrinsic structure...its dependency upon opposition... there is a greater place beyond this deadly dream of good and evil... to be known by us whom can let go of both the evil and the good... knowing they are actually the same...each a polar side of one world, one realm... and this realm can be abandoned... I walk away from those old ideas that once seemed so important...and embrace something I can't quite even understand as it is not a world of solely "good", it is something greater than that... it is outside my comprehension but my gut, tells me it is right... it is where I am going to be in my awareness of what my giant leap of faith, upon the old grey mare may look like a trip to the glue factory... but I have a perspective that has outgrown my worn coat, and patched trousers... I am moving where I have not gone before... a child who's curiosity has gotten a hold of his imaginal fire and brought it into new uncharted kingdom of salvation...


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