dramas momentum

From the one source...There is a definite momentum to life, though seasons, ebb and flow, all just as true as powerful as momentum... there is a strength in the gathering momentum... even the word itself feels unstoppable to me... I am in some building momentum of transcending thought... and action that carries me into my long held belief ...as my life has always been moving in this way ...I now use my momentum to bring that desire into my experience... so positive imagery in the blog here is least viewed by the readers...least popular... positive leaning blog entries are clearly not as sought after as negative, it is a phenomenon I suppose I can understand... as we are assuredly trained to ignore the positive and pay attention to the negative...a momentum of the negative leanings of human focus... is it possible to reverse this tendency and become a positively tuned perspective?... as really I speak now to the negative disciples of greed and parasitic usury ...from the time we are old enough to toddle out into the "world"...we are taught that danger and negativity is of more importance than the positive... the worker/professional whom is good at their job can go totally unnoticed... but I suppose that is not what I am here to discuss with myself...or you...I suppose in my rebuke of your superiority which was falsely perpetrated...in order to be free from your web... I am here to announce the appearance of myself whom will befall upon the spiritual warriors whom believe themselves ready to usher in a modern dark age...really their own obvious self loathing has undone them even on this incarnated level from which they perceive us to be primarily functioning from... I find this alone...of utter admonishment...and suspected a truly Machiavellian battle sequence to surprise me... but now having realized that no such action will transpire... I am a bit embarrassed that this time around there will be no contests no battles, no war...they have already negated combat through their own confusion on the construct of the field... the boomerang effect of the law that the morning star disciples had utilized...has come back around, the pendulum has returned...now I'm not reinforcing wrong or right ...good or evil....for we here understand the very messy nature of all those duality's each competing for authority's role...good being evils true source of power...evil being goods real and only virtue...is not lost with me or the others here...we are not allowing the malice and the sheer arrogance in which you brought endless curses upon yourselves alone to be fully unleashed upon you as you intended it to be unleashed on others... so in a way we are shielding you from the full force of your intent so vigorously "whipped up"...it is about to come home to roost... I am wondering what exactly you were told... to persuade otherwise reasonably smart people to be so naive...you all realize that Jesus and Satan are brothers?... I am not sure they do John... I am not sure they do... Really actually indifferent to the outcome, for my own disposition is known to me...I know what is truth for me...I believe in his name...and this has conferred upon me the victory I have already claimed... and there was never any epic battle even in the greater agenda... as the worldly "learned" are perpetually immersed in a confusion that covers up their own ability to transcend that world they seem now to hate... through abandonment of the very process they believe so effective...shows through these seasons the fickle loyalties of mortal man...and I cannot draw you a picture with stick figures and arrows so that you may understand I'm sorry... I am afraid whom you celebrated as so successful is in another sense very dismally a failure... and those you see as failures I am afraid are in another sense so successful that your shame is become the very flesh you dwell within now and do not understand is corrupted...I'm afraid crayon stick figure drawings is about all you can handle...and they will not suffice here and now with this situation... my current state of awareness is serene... and I cannot see you there in your current form...think on this and understand... that we are all connected,... however, here on earth we need not experience another's intents...I need not live your choices...I need not expose myself to your internal bullshit and boiling hatred...I need not be subject to the confusion you worship as some kind of knowledge...that pleasure is all yours... and I am definitely not going to experience the fruits of wrath and retribution... that you have so richly earned...as everything in this world has opposition... you still don't seem to quite grasp what that means...it is unfortunate that you chose so poorly...the golden rule has absolutely nothing to do with fine gold, the metallic commodity...it was a simple piece of wisdom intended to keep you from running afoul of the law...and I am afraid through indoctrinating repetitions you have been retarded into an extremely naive instrument of the very evil you claim to be fighting...or the good you claim to hate...either way I am finished trying to speak with your ilk... I have broken the golden rule many times and suffered for my transgressions... however, in this final series of conflicting intents the sheer momentum of malice heaped upon long practiced prayers...has come home into the source of awareness from whence they came in furry... one must wonder how human nature was so thwarted... so extensively shifted against itself...in these late dated cases... I learn to act in love in this defense...my defense...or yours..one must be sympathetic but not interested in any intervention... I am allowing them to fall into those dark places to endure the tortures they had meant for others...I am awed at the sheer disregard these beings practiced in their hearts, and impressed that they chose to be alive in or during the reckoning of equilibrium of justice whom scales so long tipped... have grown a tarnished mark upon them... that will eternally show the brazen impudence of this age...not an impudence used positively...but a evil impudence seeking harm against its fellows... here are we indifferent to the swinging trends of man's ethics, his corruptibility is well known...in all things here on earth there is opposition...this law reveals the great need to transcend this place...to escape this dualism trap, or play upon one side or another... in or of this duality...man is forever serving the light and the dark...not seeming to understand he may awaken and move away from the playing if both...I would say to them whom are suffering, full of hatred and spite... if you order your conversations within yourselves aright...you may be saved... even now at this late date you may be saved... you whom prayed for this world's destruction... you whom secretly murdered and stole... you whom did unspeakable acts against others... can be saved... if you were to speak rightly within your sacred self... you only have power over yourself...your power cannot harm anyone but yourselves...you have not yet realized your interconnected selves... the illusions of your mortal power only served to draw you further into your own wrath you meant for others... and deeper self created hell...have come to visit you and burn away these systems of usury... these parasitic burdens put upon others to maintain your false authority... salvation can be yours...if you only knew whom Christ is... but your ignorance... your pride... may bar you from the simplest of relief, known even to little children... known even to the simplest of minds.. in your great and wide cleverness you have sold the very soul that remains after the bodies passing... in your great intellectual prowess you wail like a mourning widow, and gnash your teeth like a howling dog...you have been the worst kind of foolish... even stupidity is above you...and you cannot see it in your ignorance in your arrogance you have ventured into dangerous waters you cannot control... but if you spoke rightly within yourself you still could be saved... I remain unmoved or concerned...I am indifferent to your plight... you deserve death... but still God offers you salvation ...and I shall speak no more to or of you .. I shall go on about my business... I shall continue my course in my spiritual momentum... my definitive direction is traveled swiftly... as I have been this way before... and nothing was earned by me ...all a gift given me without any merit on my part... only speaking through the golden rule for others and myself... within myself... my conversations from death to life within myself... ordered aright... even as I was you, I have abandoned you here with only these words to keep you company... and I do not care that you reject...or accept....you have always rejected...or you have always accepted...it makes no difference to me... all your failing science's and failing beliefs in your own corruptible arm of flesh... this was no contest... this was you digging your own graves as you thought you would kill your way to what you saw as power...but your distorted vision had only brought you here to destruction...and we are here in life always awaiting your return from the shadows, to see then if you are ready to take responsibility for your own energy, your own sight your own way... through these chapters...again I cannot be concerned... not because I'm cruel or indifferent, as you are and were... but because I cannot even see or hear you... you have disappeared from this place and that mystery like many will never be understood, known or owned and exploited by the likes of you...we are glorifying real good in this world and The grace of God will not be cut of from man... the light will not be snuffed out and the false light will not lead any but those few whom sought to deceive astray...cast into outer darkness your little reign of terror is through...destruction is all upon you and not upon those you meant for...all the evil upon you... and what you meant for evil against me has been turned to good... through all these days will good grow in momentum in strength ... in Gods grace my soul resides...and you may not understand for I have no crayons or paper to make the simple illustrations you have mistaken for knowledge you in your pride now fall again to rule only over yourself....so the curtain falls and crowd erupts in applause... good and evils struggle again has entertained us thoroughly in its dramatic play...the actors whom now change from costume to clothes...emerge from the dressing rooms ...satisfied with their performance... let's not place much importance on the moral of the story, let us just suspend our disbelief and pretend the play was "real"...


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