decree and intent

on a magical noisy self concocted bla bla bla...a rolling thunderous diatribe of unchangeable positive and negative leanings, from which I take a step back to see... into the solutions my world needs... un discounted speech is potent to form the beginning of my ends... though nothing will be given any longer...nothing given, but my belief clothed in experience... as it's always been... there is nothing free here and now ...but all is bonded to my speaking of it in intention ...only without price...not without payment... you missed the free give away is without price but not without cost... some exchange of energetic transfer...some effort sustained through seeming time brings about emotion backed thought...this alignment is work...thought and belief is intention...held intentions are the coins of heaven and no earthly riches surpass these ... when it is a change of undisciplined thought or mind to disciplined mind and thought for a specific purpose of intent... the price has been paid in full....paid with your earnest friendship and harmony with a world that had proven itself more than unworthy of the gift given... as I in the world had proven myself unworthy of that same gift...I move myself with deliberate intention toward my wanted and specifically known state of perception manifested in my incarnated experience...with alignment we all still stand redeemed in grace... the gift of speech and mind used rightly, are the tools of God..., speech and mind are the divine attributes...speech within my mind rightly held is making me no different than God... and I need no person other than myself to prove this to... no one else but listening in earnest anyway...without the world's permission, judgement or friendly opinion... without "expert" constructive criticism....I am becoming the man I know I am... in-spite of the world's rejections and protests against it... and so as I learn to soften my view and opinion of them outward from myself... my own selves pushed out from me... I find that internal picture of easy forgiveness within me ...reflected back upon myself in a tender mercy that these eyes, these feelings and this heart are grateful to know....My conception of what I am... is being freed from the outer world's possession that I had in ignorance granted it... the word made flesh is I... I am going the distance, of fulfillment of accomplishment... of success through my own efforts within and confidence in myself is shown shinning out....also rooted within my value is clear... my deserving is stronger than a government's promissory note... trust put ever fixed within this awareness on internal events and people ...whom reveal themselves In speech and in deed...sure.... I can only depend upon myself and need no opinion, no advice... I need no permission or promise from anyone in this world to believe in myself... my vision unfolds before me and cannot be taken or bent by no one in this world has my best interests in their heart or upon their minds...I need no one else to know my real truth...accepting kindness and assistance sure...but no one owns the value that I am... I understand how to be of service, of usefulness to others... but most cannot function in my lofty realm of capability ...nor can they afford to pay my costly investment... are they willing to invest in themselves through me...this is my only only concern is those whom know to choose they understand my value in steadfast vision.... having already understood their own great value ...they know without doubt what we are capable held intent I do not within themselves a deed... making me very exclusive...very unique powerful, great... even of royal value ... and I see within them the same immeasurable worth... priceless points of intention shining bright in a dark and empty world...there are so few real leaders in this place...whom recognize the true road within into real success...there are so few authentic visionaries or actual engineers... scientists and salesmen are a dime a dozen... and true workman are but artists that skillfully create outward beauty can their wage be fairly agreed upon?...they are so few to be found...and only found subjectively ...within the self alone... the measure of value is not made outwardly but within the self...the wisdom of this world is always wrong and the intelligence of this world is proven stupidity....that herded domesticated humans are just so many hollow true.. but each hollow shell can be filled by you with value no loss to yourself... I fill clamoring phantoms that I cannot hear or see... I fill them with value that sets them free ...and in that world transforms from nightmare to a vision of heaven within my own self one else's perception is changed...I do not understand the mediocrity that these empty shells choose to believe they are... I fill them with worth and talent and passion in my sight...and they transform into my experience, my perception...becoming what I believe they are...I do not participate in the exercises of futility they fight to keep upheld... or their denial...they scream to keep separate from that promise which they seek... to choose the opposition is freedom and I cannot keep freedom from its flight... only creations of value proceed out from my heart into the world here now, and so sorely in need of solutions this world seems to be... it is rife with opportunity... to their own self imposed tortures...or their own self imposed healing...the ones whom need help most are almost certainly doomed...its only a law in gravity...and ignorance of a truth makes it no less true...the truly fulfilled are heard singing songs of gratitude that cannot be falsely sounded out... as it is a tone of souls singing... and no falsehood is in your soul... there is no higher price paid by anyone than to have a thing, circumstance or person simply given to them...arm of flesh failing again and again in eternal circles... until I step up to the platform the dark spirit of fear created to rule from...fear dissipates in light of understanding I speak my truth...its shadowy substance is seen right through...and it is known then to be the false prophet of limitation...make yourself as limited or as limitless as you you is a false illusion of practiced beliefs that has taken a solid personification within each real life... listen to the voice you find most pleasing...but your own voice is the only one that is true... you must invest within yourself.... for no one outside yourself will "save" being the real value in this world... go see and make real all the horrors of the earth and then plead to others how they must can be them... to change those terrible horrors you know are real...its is always interesting to see that those horrors always remain no matter how many vast armies swarm to minister to I myself am speaking value into living form ...I rush between its decrees and repair the less than powerful projections of mighty speech that are heaped out upon fertile ground..for myself alone I labor...and if I can I help someone...these potential futures...for myself I chose, but I cannot change others belief... in patience to grow up the new renaissance of loves healing embrace... I wait between all thought in those empty spaces and make real all my miracles of success... I am invisible to fear and wait to evaporate its subtle covert tactics and overt gestures of authority...I plant abundance that only I can harvest in gratitude for I have not met the soul bold enough to be here with me in this void of silence stillness... as there is no one but self in mind and speech... so if there be, bold enough... I think we each are solo awareness...waiting to effect ourselves alone.... our intersecting monologues are only intertwined in mutual respect cooperation in agreement and how seldom is our unification of thought found in a world of stubborn separation?... how often do we perform without an expectation of return?... for fear of our own bodies death has taught us to conquer and divide...a constant taking...but we can only reap where we have sewn... unless in total grace...fear cannot be near grace...our divisions make more empty space between us... for me to grow within...and my investments in the rejection of this war between ourselves... grows into the peaceful kingdom that I alone rule in all my blessings...toward the fractured points of immeasurable worth...all these empty shells that long to be unified in fulfillment have created a demand that lifts my purpose above all others... and as my decree had stated... there are few whom see the solution I paint upon this page with words whom reflect into the readers self crafted picture of understanding .... no seeming connection to my intent...our perception each opposing somehow, no matter our common ground... for freedom is also dependent upon our separation... and my words for me ...yours for you... so much dark shadow of pain ...injustice...true crime...has bent so many minds to sheer insanity... that my intent can only be invested with myself alone... all judgement can affect nothing but the judge alone...within this moment all the eons of time reside... our perception of this moment seeks to separate the whole...I do not claim a greater stature ...I only claim my own... perception is a psychological construct and not the truth of the actual intent... of the artist whom created this world for us to rise up out of ... become a new sculptor... a new reinvented artist whom brings more soul into new world's... to animate more empty forms into rising life... giving spirits whom in turn rise from those new creations ...bringing ever expanding life forward leaping into a limitless multiverse... or return into the source from whence we came to rise yet again toward the warming glow of loving sun... I am that I am...I am to ask how the circles of motion my selves pushed out from me... move within... with compassion... I see the self I am every face upon our temporary home in this world... my journey in my part of and not through the whole of this world... to bless with the love that spills out from within me... to break those broken minds of false constructions.... into the limitless perception that transcends the self inflicted wounds ... in powerful belief...rise above... to see my investments are merely more seeds planted in the rich soil of potential ...for all is planting, and the reaping must come... we need not be attentive to it... it comes to us in every seeming moment without fail days pass, without grasping at them... my minutes march onward without pushing at them... the construct of my own false dream, wrought here now sure... this I know ...but I pierce through its walls and knock down its gates... allowing the limitless spirit of God to flood within my prison cell... and carry me out and down to the flowing river that moves into this world cannot constrain my worth... no wretched institution of practiced fear can bend my thought to its suicidal intent... for civilization rises and falls through all seeming time like waves upon that ocean...this fish now swims within...we ourselves are responsible for own salvation... our belief in masters enslaving us to insane dogmas of endlessly repeating emptiness... for the fulfillment comes about by me and by no one else... there is no person whom can bring myself into the clarity... into my own presence... my triumph is wrought out of my own experience... and no other self pushed out from me has the knowledge this self has wrought... a knowledge not of man but of remembering what I chose to find in self... being aware that some other selves I had pushed away, want me to remember the slights I had put upon them...according to doubt I recall vividly feeling the same way about doubt I have wanted to forever relive through memory all my hurts and insults and trivial slights that all reinforced the sense of self importance I once struggled constantly to maintain... and there are certain habits of thought I practice in blind reaction, somehow believing they hold some power that has yet to manifest itself... it is superstition....I become more aware of my insanity allowing it to follow through in my mind... while I observe it, and the distance between the insane behavior playing out mentally and the real me as a witness...witness to its dysfunctional antics providing untold relief and even indisputable healing of my inner self... whom speaks all this experience into being... I whom brings forth that which I choose...hence my fall from the garden into this wilderness where I must rely solely upon my self...whom is God emerging from this same untamed wild...within me... until I decree in full authority that I AM GOD ...and there be no other beside me...that is a lofty and worthy goal, to be in your point of power.


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