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Shadow boxing with superstars

Secretly banning the arrogance ... I fostered and fed. Hollywood, Television, Internet dead. Turning from brainwash, all your heil hiltler noises. Your greed sets the tones of your bright shinny poses. Plastic playthings, worn well with your use, my invention... your perception a choice made in faith your intention. thwarted in fear to play in school yard. Call me a dirt eating, weird...ass... nonsensical retard. Twisting the meanings of things that you see, that is the downfall of short apogee. Biblical, worldly do not mix together, you make your own bed, under own chosen weather. Original sin is not your contention. Sin is an arrow that missed its seat at convention. If murders your power then murder you must. Kill all the messengers with power of lust. Rusty, dusty, Hollywood's face... now hiding spectre of schoolyard disgrace. To pull the wool off the eyes of the sheep in the stable. You sell, sell sell...all the way to your cradle. This hand that rocks you, d…

Finger paint

A new page upon which to smear these crude formations of expression. Joyful child shattered and stained with colors. Dripping with paint. I allow myself this wallowing in words. Fresh and new, pristine... without any blemish, though present through all time. Smiles at me, the awestruck child. The ignorance of bliss overriding the self proclaimed authority of nothing. How it remains pure is a mystery, I have been here these few tiny years and have been stained through and through. I suppose I should cleanse what I believe somehow has form Through the world's ages. Somehow remaining untouched, somehow still unmoved by the flowing Stream of the dream. Somewhere that innocence remains... Without any concern. Thoughts, all like fractured strings that entwine again together as one woven rope. I make no effort to weave the hangman's rope, nor do I step up into the gallows floor. Only I am holding the cord that I have joined together. Serious lies cannot convict the morni…

not to doubt magnetic attraction

So my transportation from one state to another is imminent. My movement from victim to conqueror is complete. I express a vibration of power to those whom can hear and see it. I am wholly free within myself and need no crutch to walk this path. As there is no path to walk. There is no way. Boredom comes from within, the feeble minded are always bored, the feeble minded materialist had a different haughty expression of the same thing. Tyrants, perish in the intense fire of the causation of freedom. It's cause is tyranny... the circle is there to be seen. Speaking not of what you assume I am. It matters little, for tyrants are not necessarily what you think they are, but please forgive, me you are the font of all Knowledge, but you provide no guarantee and further no money back, all purchases are final. The perception I have now is improved from the perspective I held just a short time ago, though from here as I reflect and express that inner view, it seems so, so lon…

At the judges sidebar conference

So death comes for us all... Ready or not. It is not an option, to live or die and if the body wears down is torn down or struck down...what then is best for me to do with this thing we call time? And if life does not arrive in self before life's balanced arc completes itself. In death, Or in unknown life. Then again the climb the walk the journey takes another turn. Another noble run at the hill, or the mountain or the way. when our passing of awareness knocks and opens the door... If transition into nothing does not arrive before death, what has any event, any so called acquisition hold for us then? Money cannot buy your destiny away from you. Though I'm sure someone will try to sell you that as well. I know it's nothing, though I vomit outward the question to be caught here as the receptacle of the bile. My stinking worthless words slopped upon this page. I did not inhale. To be thinking when I know I should not, is that Sin as well, for apparently there are so many sin…

Killing the mind nothing special

Today the pigeons sang me a symphony that carried me away, it belittled humanity's greatest musical, achievements, it made our greatest compositions into the feeble little plastic music box, melodies of monkey's that we are. We attempt music and makes noises, the pigeons make music and write symphony's fit for Kings and God. The pigeons have have infinitely more talent and musical mastery than our greatest composers and musicians ever dreams of having. Humans are unknowingly the idiots of all creation. In our understanding we become blind. Every other life-formation on this planet endures us, as they know if we can just evolve as they have, our troubles will finally be over. I salute their endless patient sympathy for us. They endure our feeble intellect. The pigeons made music I cannot even now remember, it was far beyond my feeble comprehension in its vast orgasmic explosion of the experience it self was like dying ...I think, a sense of floating a…

Throwing stones

A unified Dreamline through infinity. The dream of a single stone. it's flight through time to fragment wholeness ...its travel back to home. flight of loving allowance, granting me myself. If just for single dreaming life. My endless source of wealth. Some kind of unknown kingdom ...invisible to time. an experience deep within it, of imagined scene in mind. An experience all my own... but well out sequence. Yet. Through mysterious living motion, rhymes and lives and all that is... like drops within the ocean. Find no desire to set it to rhyme, I always found that rhyming was like trying to force the inexplicable into some flowery explanation. A dream of being unique or seperate from all else. A magic healing potion. Broken piece the wholeness finds. I am the wholeness, I am the riddler deep in rhymes. The fragmented being returned to whole. This certainty remains... Poetry ceases...ignorance blames. Arguments in Congress and courts of hallowed law…