Lets condense this internal focus

I'm not sure about how long I've been sustaining attention on one thing, but I know it has been an on-going process over three decades. In this lifetime alone...With these luxurious last few months being some exponential increase in the awareness of the subject of my attention ...granted it is not really anything Germaine to you... nor were you forced here to read this... and yet still if I express, will you see how we are the same? or do you know how we are different? And How could it matter to me which you choose? For I neither am aware of you unless you make yourself known, or also if aware of you...I cannot make your choices for you... as you cannot choose for me. So I say it does not matter what others think of me, for this display they witness now causes all manor of perceptions in myself pushed out. I need not be aware of others perceptions... my success is not at all dependant upon other peoples perceptions... my metaphysical theaters stage is not a public forum, it on…

Transcript, Neville Goddard 1969

Neville Goddard 06-09-1969


Do not accept any statement from scripture, the church, or an individual (including the speaker) as true until you have found God or a living truth in what is being said. What I tell you I know from experience, but I ask you not to accept my words without questioning them within yourself. It is silly to accept something simply because the church said it, or you read it in the Bible, or heard it from Neville. You must pursue the thought ceaselessly by questioning yourself.
Why do I stress this? Because among the spirit world there are many Babel's where no two speak with the same tongue. One may tell you to give up meat, while another will tell you something entirely different. This we are told in the 11th chapter of the Book of Genesis. I am not speaking of multiple tongues as the many languages we have today. We can overcome those with an interpreter; but if someone tells you: "This is the way," and another says: "No. Thi…

Mind & Speech make me no different than God

Could it be possible to forever forward speak only as God speaks? ... being as God is ...without any moments of belief in a separate from God individuality that cannot disappear in the only real embrace of self I know and unknown by his fellow man... I pick up this cross, my body is and follow the sun, rising in the son. My own human imagination is Jesus Christ alive within me, and that light cannot be known even by my own worldly mind... its is of spirit... and interpreted by spirit alone... and if it is true ...That indeed I do not "know the law" ...then I must devote all of what I am to believing that I do know the law as water, and further live by the law in action his blood my own, truly following Christ through my life... all my devotion-emotion is invested in Christ in me. All my mind is attentive to Christ alive within me alone ... all my hearing attuned and can only hear his still, quiet voice within me. I am in Christ, and Christ is in me ... the true causation of …

Neville Goddard and Reverend Ike

Biographies of the great Reverend Ike, and Top Stone Neville Goddard. Both of these highly respected by :John TvrzThe power of your own human imagination or Christ in you.Rev Ike:
Preacher who worshipped the source of wealth, Jesus Christ within himself. Rev Ike, lived as God is being ... and being as he was became the celeberity knowing full well that Christ is alive within himself. Jesus Christ Even the source of his own bodoes life. Rev Ike used a paradigm in his spectacular  orrations that is reflected in many American evangelical churches, this collective belief in prosperity as being  a sign of God’s blessing, and the unrestrained display of material wealth by all church members and church leaders as a reflection of that blessing; the pure essence of what Max Weber defined as “the Protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism”. Few evangelists appealed more directly for that blessing, or flaunted worldly success more flamboyantly, than the Reverend Ike. And none encouraged their con…

The Metaphysical Theater

This post is 55,000+ words My choice clear on this grand morning. This wonderful life, I am living from the end... as I am no longer fractured... or confused...I am whole and confidently decided, fully aware of my desires fulfillment... I am free from want, satisfied in that knowledge of my desire fully experienced, even surpassed in its realization... I am grateful...more capable of gratitude in this rich life experience ... I am so happy to be in grateful state for everything that I have, this gratitude alone is the central dynamo of my expanding fortune...though Jesus, Father the Lord God is the source... I am the op-rent and power... my own choices of thought, feeling and belief are always becoming my wonderful moments of life. I need not wallow in dramas turbulent currents... I am merely feeling it real with all my strength all my heart mind and soul... I bring it into my life from within... the bridge of incident is all the world can see but I know from Christ it had come and n…